Wedding Music

Wedding Music

With so many things to think about during this very important time in your lives, we at Queen of Peace want to help you in your music selection for the ceremony of the sacrament of marriage.

Below is a demo with several samples of music that is appropriate for a sacred ceremony, whether you will have a full mass or a sacred word service. Please use this as a guide only.  Do not feel limited to the selections presented – they are recommendations to get you thinking about sacred music for the ceremony.  There are many excellent sacred songs that are not included here, so fee free to select your own aside from the demo. If you have any questions regarding the music for your ceremony, please do not hesitate to contact the director of Music, Rebecca De La Torre at

You will need songs for the following:

  1. Processional song (one or two songs)
  2. Responsorial Psalm (unless you prefer someone read it)
  3. Preparation of the Gifts (Full mass only)
  4. Communion (pick two to be safe – full mass only)
  5. Marian hymn for the flowers (optional)
  6. Final song (recessional)

Processional song: Let me recommend two songs for the procession: one for the bridal party and one for you. If you want the bridal march, let me know and I will play that for you. Here are some recommendations of instrumental and sung pieces:



Responsorial Psalm (unless you prefer someone read it)

  • Psalm 25: I Lift Up My Soul (Tim Manion) 
  • Psalm 4: Lord Let Your Face Shine (Dennis Keller)
  • Psalm 18: Yo Te Amo, Señor (Rebecca De La Torre)
  • Psalm 145: The Lord is Near (Tom Booth) 
  • Psalm 118: This Is the Day (Marty Haugen) 
  • Psalm 95: If Today (Haas) 
  • Psalm 33: Let Your Mercy Be On Us (Marty Haugen) 
  • Psalm 18: I Love You Lord (Tim Smith)
  • Salmo 102: El Señor es Compasivo (José Luis Castillo)
  • Salmo 18: Señor Tu Tienes Palabras (Mary Frances Reza)
  • Salmo 32: Que Tu Misericordia, Señor (Toni Rubi) 
  • Salmo 84: Muéstranos Señor (Jaime Cortez)

Preparation of the Gifts (Full mass only)

Communion (pick two to be safe – full mass only)

Marian hymn for the flowers 

Final song (recessional)