Covenant of Love Core Team

Covenant of Love Core Team

Covenant of Love Ministry Leaders:

Monica & Dana Bolduc


Dana and I have had a Sacramental Marriage for the past 53 years. We have five living children, 4 daughter and 1 son, we also have a son that is with his Heavenly Father. We have 17 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren We were born and grew up in Maine until we moved to AZ 9 years ago. We’ve been members of Queen of Peace for 2 years and 7 months. We’ve been working in Marriage Prep for the pass 35 years off and on. For the pass few years felt a calling to have something for our English speaking couples. Covenant of Love Date Night fills this calling where we can share the importance of three persons in our marriage, us and GOD

Covenant of Love Ministry Leaders:

Deacon Jaime and Martha Whitford


We both were born in Managua, Nicaragua, Central America, and have three grown children and two beautiful granddaughters. We came to the US, Chandler, AZ, in March of 1989 and since then we have been living in Chandler, Az. We civilly married on 12-­27-­1975 and one week later the Sacrament of Marriage on 01-­03-­1976. Since we arrived to the US (1989) we have belong to different Churches (Saint Mary Catholic Church, Saint Timothy Catholic Church, Saint Ann Catholic Church) and in 07-­01-­2006 (still during my Diaconate’s formation) Bishop Olmsted transferred us to Queen of Peace Catholic Church. On 11-­04-­2006 I was ordained by Bishop Olmsted.
Martha and I graduated from the School of Psychology of the State University of Managua, Nicaragua (1974/1975) and since then we have been working with couples, as professional Counselors. For the past 40 years we have dedicated to help couples and have wrote several books, most recently during our time in the US, “Cristo en el Centro de la Paraja” (Christ in the Center of the couples relationship) in 2012 and “Caminando juntos hacia la Montana” ­Reflecciones acerca de las Bienaventuranzas (Walking together toward the Mountain, reflexions about the Beatitud) in 2014.
We are happy to be part of the Date Night Core Team at Queen of Peace Catholic Church because we are convinced that we all, because of our baptism, individually as well as couples, must be witnesses of the presence of God in our life.

Core Team: James and Hope Atkinson


We have been married 13 years and members of Queen of Peace for four years. We have 6 children.
James is from California and has been in Az for 17 years.
Hope is from Canada and has been in Az for 30 years.
We wanted to be a part of this team to help strengthen marriages. There is so much joy that can be found in marriage and family life and we want to share that joy with others.

Core Team: Gary and Marialena Murphy


Gary and Marialena Murphy are members of Queen of Peace parish since January of 2016.  They serve at the St. Vincent De Paul dining room and Gary is a 4th degree Knight in the Knights of Columbus.  Gary and Marialena have 5 grown children, 6 grandchildren and are honored to be members of the Core Team for the Covenant of Love Ministry.  They believe that a marriage that keeps Christ foremost is a mainstay for families in these turbulent times. Through challenges, they have learned first-hand that marriage relationship require care, nurturing and mutual commitment; the Covenant of Love Ministry provides opportunities for couples to continue to foster their marriages and grow together in Christ. 

Core Team: Armando and Connie Gutierrez


Armando and Connie have been together 17 years, and sacramentally married a little over a year. They have been members of Queen of Peace member since 2012 as a family. They have 4 children and are both natives of Arizona.
We joined Covenant of Love to get to know our community, as well as grow stronger in our relationship as a couple in Christ.

Core Team: Ramon and Yvette Gutierrez Villanueva


Ramon was born in Salina, Kansas but raised in Chandler, AZ.
Yvette was born in Los Angeles, CA, but has lived in Mesa, Arizona for over 20 years.
We are what you call a blended family. We have been married for 15 years. We have 5 children. He came with 3, I came with 1, and we have 1 daughter together (Yours, Mine, Ours). We were both baptized Catholic but were not really raised in the church and definitely did not understand nor practice the religion. God had been working through our daughter by giving her the wisdom to ask us about going to church. More like, “Why don’t we go to church?”. She did see a certain understanding and respect for God and Jesus Christ in our family but nothing formal.
God guided us to Queen of Peace (and Father Thomas) in April of 2012 and we became members months later. Our daughter was Baptized, Confirmed, and took her First Communion during the Easter Vigil in 2013. My husband, and I, started attending RCIA in September of 2012. We were Confirmed, Con-Validated, and took our First Communion May 26, 2013. We have 3 wonderful grandchildren and look forward to many more.
We decided to participate in the CORE Team because being “Married” in the eyes of God has really changed our relationship. The respect and love that we have for one another continues to grow with our understanding of God’s plan for Marriage. We hope to encourage other couples by sharing our story, our time, and our love for this Church and our Lord Jesus Christ.